When I first heard about mindfulness, I thought it was all about focusing on the breath. My anxiety was high at the time and focusing on my breathing only made the anxiety worse! So, I thought, no way, not for me. I was properly introduced to mindfulness with my daughter whose therapist thought it mayContinue reading “Mindfulness”


This is a subject I knew nothing about up until a few years ago when I discovered my daughter had been cutting. I never saw it coming and to be honest I initially didn’t handle it well at all. I completely freaked out! I was shocked, upset, disappointed and afraid. I completely panicked and rangContinue reading “Self-Harm”

Anxiety And Me – Where I Am Now

My anxiety continued to be there most days, but I could hide it and manage it. I was still on medication and had received some counselling. I was still able to go to work and take the kids to and from school, and I could go to local places if they weren’t too busy. TooContinue reading “Anxiety And Me – Where I Am Now”

Anxiety and Me – Part 2

Alone, a single parent. I was afraid and overwhelmed and this wasn’t how I imagined my family would turn out! The first few months after my ex left were a nightmare. My daughter was going into her second year of primary school, and my son was just starting. I had no job, not a lotContinue reading “Anxiety and Me – Part 2”

My Anxiety – The beginning

Anxiety Disorders include Generalised Anxiety Disorder, OCD, PTSD, Social Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Phobias. Each of them presents differently and each individual has their own symptoms, although some symptoms can be seen with all types of anxiety. I have anxiety. The GP calls it generalised anxiety disorder, I call it frustrating! When I was aboutContinue reading “My Anxiety – The beginning”

To Judge Or Not To Judge

So far, I have only told 3 friends and my kids about this blog. Why? I think I am a bit afraid that people won’t like it, won’t connect or find it remotely interesting. Am I afraid of being judged! Are we all afraid of judgement? Do we all judge others? Yes, and yes. JudgementContinue reading “To Judge Or Not To Judge”

Devastation Everywhere?

This was not going to be what I posted about today, but I really can’t get out of my head the shocking images and videos I’m seeing of Australia, or the growing tensions between the US and Iran. Both these events and escalations are causing me to feel a certain way. Like butterflies in myContinue reading “Devastation Everywhere?”