When I hear myself say to my friend, “you need to find a good work/life balance” what do I mean and how do we achieve it?

I know that I say this regularly and I do believe we all should have a balance within our lives that encompasses work, family, friends, hobbies and other social and personal interests.

As individuals we all have different priorities and things that we enjoy so how can we find the right balance for us as individuals?

I’ve mentioned before and I will say it again that I love my job. I know there are a lot of people who don’t, so I appreciate that I am lucky. I work in an environment that is compassionate, caring and worthwhile. We help others and maybe that’s one of the reasons why I find it so rewarding. We spend so much time at work so it’s important we enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy doing the job you do, can you change it?

My two teenagers have social lives, so I must book out some time with them, but I have an amazing relationship with them both and so when we do something together it is a lot of fun. We try to do family fun night at least once a week and that’s usually movies or board games which we really enjoy. We also enjoy escape rooms, eating out occasionally, cinema and nature. I love spending time with them both, either together or one on one. My other family is scattered all over the world so it’s just the three of us and the dog.

I have my friends, and I am trying to be better at arranging get togethers. I need to do more work on that!

I practice mindfulness, I go and have a facial or massage, I read, watch tv, I go to the local Buddhist Centre. I always have candles lit and fairy lights twinkling because they make me happy.

I am also about to start my training for my counselling qualification.

I like to think I have a good life/work balance. Sometimes it can be a challenge, for example if I am particularly busy at work and don’t feel like I put enough into my kids. I think that’s mum guilt though and I don’t think that will ever go away. I try and balance the following week out, but maybe doing something extra with the kids (if they are available).

Do you have a good work/life balance? If not, what do you feel is missing?


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