Devastation Everywhere?

This was not going to be what I posted about today, but I really can’t get out of my head the shocking images and videos I’m seeing of Australia, or the growing tensions between the US and Iran.

Both these events and escalations are causing me to feel a certain way. Like butterflies in my tummy.

The fires in Australia which have been going since September (I only found this out in the last few days) taking the lives of people and animals and causing such devastation is heart-breaking. I have seen photographs and videos of animals lying dead at the side of the road. There are millions of acres of land and thousands of homes gone.

How do the firefighters and other emergency services workers cope with all they see? These individuals putting their lives on the line in what can only be described as apocalyptic conditions! Yes, I have donated a little money to the Animal Welfare League NSW, Red Cross Australia NSW Rural Fire Service and Lifeline, a crisis support helpline, but what now? I feel guilty just sitting watching the news.

In reality there isn’t anything else I can do, and I must be ok with that.  So, all I can do is keep the Australian people in my thoughts and hope that they can find a way to stop the fire spreading further.

I can’t believe I’m writing this on the same page, but the other news dominating now is the rising tension between the US and Iran! I’m still processing how people can act in such negative, destructive and barbaric ways intentionally!

As someone who doesn’t follow politics or understand it half the time, it seems to me there must be a better way to resolve things without resorting to full out war! This tension has been going on since 1979 I believe, where does it all end? I have done some reading on the psychology of war and one of the points made is that a war brings people together to fight for a single cause, be that race, religion, gender, sexuality or whatever. Whilst I understand that need or pride, I don’t understand the reasons to fight others who are not the same. It’s complete bonkers to me!

These events unfolding in the world makes me feel unsettled. I am uncomfortable with the feeling, but I will sit with it and hope things improve, or at least don’t escalate.

This is probably the most simplistic take on what’s going on out there, but I really felt I needed to talk about it.


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