My hopes for the New Year

The first couple of days in 2020 have got me thinking about the next 12 months. I have also gone back to work and am bracing myself for the kids going back to school and college next week.

I enjoy the daily schedule, and I love my job, but I feel like I need more. Maybe I need to look at what I spend my time doing and evaluate it all.

I have spent time recently considering what is most important to me, what I want to work on and what I hope to achieve over the next 12 months. What is going to bring me happiness and still pay the bills?

I know I want to spend more quality time with my kids. They are 15 and 16 years old and have their own interests and friends and I see them less and less. It does sometimes make me feel a bit lost as I have always been needed and as they grow and become more independent, I find myself feeling unsettled. I know this is a normal part of life, and I also know that I need to be a good role model and show them how to live a fulfilling life.

So, what do I hope for myself in 2020 – I have a list:

  • I want to see more of my friends. I have a few good people in my life, and I should be nurturing those relationships better, reaching out more regularly and meeting up.
  • Continuing with my studies. Becoming a counsellor is so important to me and I want to do the best I can, so I will have to make sure I put aside the time to absorb all the learning and practice.
  • Losing weight is also something I want to work on (I say this every year!). Whilst I mostly understand why I eat the way I do I can’t seem to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Understanding why I do this is key to finding the balance to be healthy and therefore lose the weight
  • Meditation, mindfulness and grounding myself. I want to do better with all of these things. I love nature and don’t spend enough time in it. My kids love it too, so more country walks must be included in our schedule.

I also hope for health and happiness, because none of what I hope for will be possible without that. I am sure that being able to achieve what I want will be dependent on having the correct mindset. Unplugging from my phone and the TV will be important for me. Living my life, rather than watching pretend lives on tv will do wonders for my mental health. Sleeping well, listening to music, reading, socialising (I do sometimes struggle with this due to anxiety), all of these things will have a huge impact on my wellbeing.

I am hoping to achieve a lot this year…… but I’m optimistic

What do others hope for in 2020, what are your dreams, hopes and aspirations. However big or however small I hope we can all grow and blossom in a healthy way and reach our goals. Watch this space to find out how I get on!

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