New Year Resolutions

It’s something I always did as a child, and I don’t remember sticking to a single one!

As an adult I have made resolutions and broken them by the end of January. Last year I decided my life needed to be different. I decided I was going to be more positive and more mindful. I wanted to look at the world around me and be appreciative. Notice the little things, the frost on the grass, the sun casting shadows, the taste of a cream cake (I knew the cream cakes would come up again). I wanted to be more confident, and happy in my own skin. Did I succeed?

Yes and no! I feel as though I was more positive and gained in confidence. I tried to be mindful, but did have to keep reminding myself of it, as it clearly doesn’t come naturally to me.

For 2020 – I want to continue to improve myself and focus on the things that make me happy. My kids, friends, study and work – yes work! I am lucky that I enjoy most of my day, every day. I do hate housework though. If I could take housework out of my daily responsibilities, I would be ecstatic! I don’t know anyone who enjoys housework though.

I also want to be healthy, and that means losing weight (it’s the cream cakes again). I have had this as a resolution for many years, but at some point, it has to stick … right?

I know logically what I need to do, but subconsciously something must be sabotaging me. I need to work out what that block is. That has just become part of my journey.

A lot of people will make New Year resolutions, and a lot of people will break them, and that’s ok. It just means that whatever the resolution was it wasn’t meant to be achieved at that point. It does however mean try again, change the resolution to something else if need be. Make goals and hopes and dreams for yourself, we all need happiness for our own wellbeing. Make the time for you to grow and understand yourself and what you need.

Let me know if you have any New Year resolutions.

2 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions

  1. I love housework! It’s a new liking for me after living in a therapeutic conmunity this year. My resolutions are to read a psychology/mental health/etc book every two weeks this year, and to go from 80kg to 65kg. Happy New Year!

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