The Mindful Journey

The Mindful Journey

Hi, my name is Helen and for a long time I have been interested in how the mind works in processing information and emotions. Having worked through my own challenges and supporting others as a friend and parent I decided it was time to take this interest further and so I enrolled on a hypnotherapy and counselling course. I have completed my first year of studies and am now a qualified hypnotherapist. I have another two years of study ahead so that I can become a counsellor. I ultimately want to work with anyone who is looking for support and have a special interest in adolescents and families.

As I continue on my academic journey I know I still have a lot to learn. I am looking forward to the challenge. I believe that we constantly grow and evolve as individuals and this is a continuous path we take throughout our whole lives. I am always eager to work with others and look forward to assisting them in their own journey.

I started this as a blog, a way for people to get to know me. To get to know what makes me happy, what makes me sad, what motivates me and what make me reach for the cream cakes! (Clearly I have to work on this). The goal was to make this a website – a landing page for individuals or families who are looking for guidance to help them on their own journey.

Welcome to The Mindful Journey

  • Glee

    1st Mar 2020 by

    A few weeks past I was looking after a friend’s daughter for a bit and she wanted to watch Glee. The TV show that ran from 2009 – 2015. My own daughter had also started watching it recently and because I love my music, I thought I would give it a go. I was always… Read more

  • 2nd Year of Studies Have Begun

    19th Feb 2020 by

    The last two weeks have been a bit of a blur. I picked up some horrid bug for a few days and I have spent the last week catching up at work. Oh, and I started my second-year studies. After a faltering start last month, we all began again with a new tutor. What a… Read more

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